Cross-Generational Multiplayer for Dirt 5 PS4/PS5

Dirt 5’s gameplay is all about action, fun and excitement around every turn – and the developers have taken that focus into Dirt 5’s multiplayer modes. Once you head into Multiplayer and add any friends to your session, prepare yourself for some thrilling racing and objective-based entertainment, against your buds and the rest of the world! 

The game releases a week or two earlier than the next generation console version, but the devs confirmed in a recent post on the PlayStation Blog that you will be able to play the multiplayer mode cross-generationally!

Competing in any Multiplayer events in Dirt 5 earns you currency to spend on new cars or other items, and also allows you to unlock personalisation items, such as new designs for your player card and lanyard, or certain stickers to show off on your profile or your car, through Dirt 5’s livery editor. Play more Multiplayer, get more cool stuff – you know the drill, and we’ve created a huge amount of items and style variations to make it worth your while.

All Multiplayer modes in Dirt 5 are 12-player events – ideal for close pack racing on our incredible circuits across 10 locations, or for our Party Mode arenas. All track and environment designs in Dirt 5 are created to encourage drama and action on the track, whilst surrounded by spectacular scenery. That makes it the perfect stage to serve up some online fun, and we can’t wait to see what you make of it. 

Oh, and finally, Dirt 5 online is cross-generational – that means if you’re playing Multiplayer on PlayStation 5, you’ll be able to tear it up with PlayStation 4 players, or vice versa. Enjoy!  Chris Groves – Social & Community Manager, Codemasters

Find more of the multiplayer features in the Blogpost. Dirt 5 releases on November 6 for PS4 and launch day for PS5 in your region.